Global Sourcing Partners

  • Global Sourcing Partners

    We maintain extensive network of sourcing partners around the world to produce any type of products you may have in your plans.

  • Sourcing Categories

    Our specialization in sourcing are Ready-made Garments, Fish Scale, PET Flakes, Papers. We also source other items as well.

  • Design

    Our Designers will help you with upcoming fashion trends utilizing market intelligence and experience.

  • R&D

    Our R&D team will offer you innovative fabrics and trims to meet current fashion needs of your customers.

  • Development

    Our Sample Development team will help bring your sketches, concepts or TPs to reality. We provide timely and cost effective Sample Development Services.


Design and Sample Development


Strong Manufacturing Partners

  • Manufacturing Partners

    We have extensive network of manufacturing partners to produce any type of garments you may have in your plans.

  • Platinum Certified Factories

    We also offer Sustainable, Green and LEEDs Platinum Certified factories in our portfolio to produce your Garments.

  • State of the Art Facilities

    In addition, we offer state of the art wash facilities for highly technical and superior finish for all your fashionable garments.

  • Experienced Technicians

    Our experienced technicians and quality experts are always on-site to monitor your production.

  • Quality Support

    Our wash technicians will ensure best handling and quality support for your Denims.

  • On-time Production

    Our production team will ensure on-time production and delivery.



Quality Management

Dedicated Quality & Production Management Team



Logistics Management

Supply Chain & Logistics Management


  • Best Value Products

    We will always help you find the best value materials & products.

  • Best Sourcing

    We will source the best manufacturing partner to ensure capacity, quality, and support you deserve.

  • LDP or DDP Services

    We can arrange Free-of-Cost, Free-on-Board, LDP or DDP services to meet your business and financial needs.